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#1 in Arizona! The Montessori Schoolhouse is the top individual school of all 1741 charter and district schools in the state!

The Montessori Schoolhouse, a Private Preschool and K-5 Charter School, is happy to report we have again recorded an "A" in the state's letter grade system.

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When considering Montessori Schools in Tucson, the Montessori Schoolhouse has much to offer your child. The Montessori Schoolhouse is the oldest established Montessori school in Tucson, founded in 1974. In addition to rich curricula based on the principles of learning developed by Maria Montessori, The Montessori Schoolhouse offers an array of extracurricular activities for the interests of our students. To find out more about each classroom, click on the links to the left.

In 1997 The Montessori Schoolhouse became a charter school and the Upper Elementary classroom was added in 1998, when the school expanded to two locations.

The importance of a child's first years of life as the foundation for intellectual, emotional and social development has long been established by psychologists, doctors and educators. The primary goals of the Montessori Schoolhouse are to instill self-confidence and independence and to promote concentration and a love of learning in each child.

Our carefully prepared classrooms for the 2½ - 5-year-old offer hundreds of beautiful hands-on materials in Practical Life, Sensory-Motor skills, Language, Mathematics, Geography and Science.

call us at 520-319-8668Our Lower and Upper Elementary classrooms, encompassing grades 1-6, offer advanced studies in Reading and Math as well as U.S. and World Geography, a full Science curriculum, History, Creative Writing, Social Studies and the Arts.

All applicants and their parents meet with the Director prior to enrollment. To set up a visit to our school, please call (520) 622-8668 for Preschool/Kindergarten or (520) 319-8668 for our Elementary program.

Tax Credit Contribution
Our school must use the funds for extracurricular activities. We use state tax credit funds to help pay for our piano and violin classes, our minstrel, our chess and yoga programs and for our extracurricular recreation programs. If you'd like to contribute, please use this tax credit contribution form.

See the Montessori Schoolhouse photo gallery (click through photos), or view the photo slideshow featuring the Primary classrooms for students 3 to 6 years old.

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